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New Spreaker Enterprise feature

Since the start of last January Spreaker Enterprise – the ultimate podtech solution connecting publishers and advertisers (and so much more!) – we’ve made managing and monetizing audio departments easier for companies like Vanity Fair (Italy and Spain), HBO (Latin America) and Red Bull … just by to name a few! While we develop a tailor-made (and yet very scalable) technology for each Spreaker Enterprise client, we are always working on providing even more robust basic functions. That’s why We’re excited to introduce you to our new private podcast RSS feed feature!

What does the Limited RSS Feed function do?

Our limited RSS feed functionality gives publishers and podcasters the ability to share a private RSS feed with their audience – across many third-party apps and across Spreaker Monetize bonus content that is not available on their public feeds.

How can publishers and big podcasters benefit from this?

This feature allows you to create exclusive content for a specific subgroup of listeners. For example, you can create private episodes or a completely private podcast for your paying listeners – possibly through a service like Glow or Patreon – and distribute it to third-party listening apps. Or, it can be an extremely useful tool if you want to share pilot episodes or podcasts with the media or potential sponsors.

Just as video publishers like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV + create exclusive content for paying customers, so can you, except that it makes it even easier for your listeners to tune in as the podcasts are available wherever your audience is at most comfortable listening.

How is this different from episode visibility?

If you’re already a Spreaker Enterprise client, you may be wondering how this differs from the existing episode visibility feature on Spreaker’s CMS. In short, the difference is where your listeners can access the dedicated RSS feed. With the existing episode visibility feature, listeners can access individual episodes and podcasts on (and through the embedded Spreaker player). With this new private RSS feed feature, you can share your special content on third party apps like Apple Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Overcast, Pocket Cast and others.

How can you activate the function?

As an existing Spreaker Enterprise user, you can simply set your desired content to “Restricted Access” before distributing it to your favorite third-party apps.

Not a Spreaker Enterprise user yet? We can give you a demo to see how this and many other features become available in no time.

This is just one tool we offer our Spreaker Enterprise customers to take their monetization to the next level! If your department or podcast is looking for a system that can manage the workflow from A to Z, this is it. Join or update a broadcaster plan to use this feature.