A year after the COVID-19 pandemic means it was a year without concerts. While live streams can partially fill the void they left, their absence is a constant reminder of why live music is so special. From finally hearing a song you’ve heard on live reruns, to discovering an incredible new artist, to simply sharing a sound experience with a room full of equally enthusiastic strangers, standing in front of someone playing live music makes you feel always like a little miracle.

We all know the saying: absence makes the heart beat faster. And let’s face it, we all miss live music and all of the memories it evokes. As we look forward to a world where we can finally dance to our favorite artists in a crowd again, we want you to share your memories of the concerts that you will never forget. Just fill out this short form and tell us why it was so special and if you have a photo, even better! If you share your memory, we can post it on Pitchfork.com or on our Instagram.

We can’t wait to read about the concerts you will remember most and to share the excitement of the many that are to come. Share your live music memories here.

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