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There is nothing better than reading in summer. Whether comfortably at home, outside on the road or on the beach on a perfect summer day, relaxing with a book in the beautiful summer sun is just another experience. But summer reading can get even better when you have the perfect reading accessories to go with the perfect books. Here are a few must-have reading accessories to make your summer reading life as comfortable as possible:

Of course, everyone needs a cute tote bag to carry with them all of the book you’re about to read this summer. You can’t go wrong with this adorable Meet Me At Book Lovers Lane tote. $ 14

A shopping bag with books sticking out lies on a gray background.  The bag is light brown and has a picture of many books stacked next to each other and with a flower vase in the middle.  At the bottom it says: Too many books?  Or not enough bookshelves?

Alternatively, another perfect tote bag to bring your books with you this summer is that bag with too many books or not enough bookshelves! $ 21.78

A brightly colored book cover with a white background and a fruit pattern with a happy expression on your face (strawberries, pineapples, watermelons, etc.).

Nothing says summer like this fun and colorful book cover to put your books in! $ 13

A book cover with a book and a Kindle sticking out.  The book cover is light green with yellow, blue and white floral designs.

You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous floral book cover perfect for hardcover, paperback, and even your Kindle. $ 16.70

White, pink, and green gradient water bottles with street signs depicting locations from Jane Austen's novels

You definitely want to stay hydrated while you read your summer reading, so this is the perfect water bottle for Jane Austen fans. $ 20.33

A white water bottle with a library ID picture in the center.  Above is the due date and underneath are date stamps like a library card

Check out this amazing library card water bottle! $ 27.99

A person holding a tumble in their hands.  The mug is green with a pattern of leaves, swords, backs and weapons.

If you’re having all of your literary adventures this summer, bring this adorable Going On An Adventure Tumbler with you. $ 26

You definitely want to keep an eye on all of your reading this summer, and here is the perfect travel-sized reading log to help you do that! $ 6.50

Another fun travel sized journal to keep track of all of your reading this summer, this one with so many fun illustrations inside! $ 6

If you’re on the go this summer, don’t miss out on this cute but practical bookmark to keep an eye on your TBR as you read! $ 2.83

Nothing says summer like these bright and colorful pineapple-themed magnetic bookmarks! $ 5.75

If your on the beach this summer, don’t miss out on this fun cartoon beach blanket! $ 36.99

If you’re reading outside on your Kindle this summer, you’ll definitely want a cute floral Kindle case with it! $ 43.54

Now that your reading accessories are set for summer, you can slip these Summer Must-Reads and 2021 Must-Read Beach Reads in your pocket of choice.