On March 19th, British singer-songwriter Shura will release a new deluxe version of her 2019 album forevher. The record includes a new title called “Obsession” which comes out today with a music video. See below.

The Deluxe Forevher contains demos, acoustic songs, last year’s “Elevator Girl” and another new song called “T-Shirt”. In a press release, Shura said of “obsession”:

“Obsession” was one of the songs I wrote while writing before. I always wanted it to be a duet between two women, but it never came to fruition during the recording process. Then when I was touring Europe, Rosie Lowe came with us and we’d always talked about wanting to work together on something and I suddenly remembered this song that I loved but somehow never finished. I sent the track to Ro and when she sent back her rough attitude I said, “YES. That’s it.”