Following her 2020 debut, Los Angeles-based artist Helen Ballentine has announced another new Skullcrusher EP. The new version called Storm in Summer will be released on April 9th ​​via Secretly Canadian. The EP contains the previously released “Song for Nick Drake” and was recorded with collaborator Noah Weinman. Check out the new music video for the title track Storm in Summer below.

“I wrote ‘Storm in Summer’ after I released the first Skullcrusher EP,” Ballentine said in a statement. “This summer I’ve thought a lot about what it means to really stand there and share something personal. I felt so vulnerable and overwhelmed by the fact that these songs that I wrote privately were exposed and likely misinterpreted or disliked. I think the song is really trying to communicate those fears in a cathartic way while leaning more on the beauty of giving up a part of me. “

Last fall, Ballentine shared a cover of “Lift,” the long-lost song from Radiohead’s OK computer era that was released as part of the band’s 2017 anniversary celebrations.

Storm in summer EP::

01 windshield
02 song for Nick Drake
03 steps
04 storm in summer
05 Prefer