Skyrim is back when Bethesda announced on Thursday that it was celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iconic video game, a Skyrim anniversary edition would be out later this year.

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The anniversary edition will feature all of the game’s 10 years of content, including some brand new features like a free fishing mechanic. The anniversary edition will appear on Xbox Series X | S consoles as well as PlayStation 5, which is good news for gamers who may have been concerned that all Bethesdas releases will be held exclusively on Xbox consoles.

Owner of the Skyrim special edition you can also upgrade to the anniversary edition free of charge. The news comes as part of QuakeCon 2021, which also has its own surprises in the form of a Quake Remaster release, along with a handful of others Quake Titles making their way to Xbox Game Pass for PC today.

For Bethesda, fans are still waiting for news on their highly anticipated role-playing game Star field, which was briefly presented during this year’s E3 and is expected to appear in November 2022. Of course there is news about the next entry in The Elder Scrolls Show is also something fans are waiting for, although that seems a lot further away.

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the Skyrim anniversary edition will be released on November 11, 2021 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.