Earlier this year We introduced Spreaker Enterprise, The ultimate podcast solution for large editorial teams to effortlessly manage their publishing workflow and audio advertising. In the months since its inception, we’ve been busy providing tailored solutions to our larger media publishers, brands and B2B customers.

As the platform continues to grow, so does the capacity for customizable offerings. One of the favorite features of our existing Spreaker users is the embedded web player as it makes sharing your podcast a breeze. Since it serves as a native listening platform, users love this Easy embedding of the web player on their websites and in their mobile apps.

With a feature that makes marketing your podcast episodes so easy, we decided to add a few more customizable bells and whistles to the web player:

  • If your business or content network has a strong brand identity, you’ll love the new capability Customize the appearance of the web player. Regardless of where the web player is embedded, it will fit your existing brand aesthetic exactly.
  • Once you have customized and customized the web player to look and work the way you want, the web player editor will do it Remember your last settings. No matter how often you share the player, you will never have to repeat your efforts creating the perfectly branded web player.

Sky News custom embedded web player example

In case you were wondering, there is a lot more where this came from. We’re working hard on additional customizable solutions for our Spreaker Enterprise users – keep your eyes peeled.

Sign up or upgrade your existing Spreaker plan to one of our enterprise options to access all the new benefits or to feel free contact us via a customer-specific solution with Enterprise!