About a month ago when we released the first version of Spreaker Studio for Mac and Windows, we received loads of downloads and feedback that helped us develop the new version we’re introducing to you today.

Broadcasts with Spreaker Studio for Mac and Windows will never be the same!

To update: Listen to this 39 minute episode of Spreaker Live Shows for a full audio explanation of all the features of Spreaker Studio for desktop on Mac / Windows:

Let’s go into the details and see what’s new in this version.

What’s new section

We introduced this section so that you can discover new features in the app. If you want to stay tuned, read this section every time you receive a notification. If you don’t want to receive notifications, you can simply deactivate the automatic notification system under Settings> General.

Volume management improvements

Starting today, you can better manage your volume, including setting the microphone and sources to their maximum levels. You will also enjoy higher quality audio output that eliminates spikes and noise during the mixing phase. You can see this new function in the “Output Limiter” section under “Settings”> “Console”. Again, you can turn it off. However, we strongly recommend that you keep it.

Recordings and drafts

Now you can export your drafts to your laptop using the new export function. You have two options: drafting drafts using the option to the right of drafts, or by dragging and dropping.

If you’ve paused a draft and now you want to stop it, you can do so simply by right-clicking Playback button.

Live broadcast

You can now save a local copy of your live broadcasts. This means that:

-You can go into post production and then upload them again without having to download them afterwards Live broadcast

– You always have a full local copy of the episode even if something goes wrong with your internet connection.

Setting up the episode page of your live show shows that you are ato create a new show.


Playlist improvements

Many improvements to the playlist have also been added: now you can delete an entire playlist and Import new audio files in bulk by dragging and dropping an entire folder from your computer. This can save you even more time setting up your podcast.

Blog Studio Clear All Playlist

Microphones and sources

Now you can configure your external sources even easier: the The new version supports channel selection and gives you the opportunity to optimize your dedicated input hardware. W.We also worked on the redesign both volume sources and meters.

Blog studio volumes-and-channels


The entire application can now be accessed using VoiceOver on the Mac.

Ready to try the new features? Let us know your feedback below.

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