The intimacy of podcasting creates trust which encourages listeners to take action when they hear ads. Advertisers are starting to really uncover this power and invest more.

Now these advertisers are knocking down your business’s door to get on your podcast catalog, but your team is struggling to manage the campaign and maximize your revenue. Sound familiar? This is where Spreaker’s campaign manager comes in.

The Campaign Manager is integrated into our CMS and is a user-friendly, intelligent tool that podcast publishers can use to run their own advertising campaigns. You can seamlessly set up, configure and analyze your own ads and desired listener goals. You can precisely insert ads, keep your back catalog up to date, and accurately evaluate campaign performance.

Use case 1: do direct business with agencies and advertisers

Do you already do direct business with agencies and advertisers? We make it easy for you to execute them with the strategy you want.

For example, if your entire organization has a contract with an advertiser, it’s easy to ensure that the campaign finds its way to every single podcast in your organization. But what if you have a branded advertising deal or just a podcast under your company’s umbrella? That’s easy too! Regardless of the intricacies of your advertising contracts, we have the tools to make this work.

By using our campaign manager to run your own ads, you can:

  • Access the right technology to run your campaigns
  • Structure your monetization strategy according to your needs
  • Get support with white gloves from our team

Use case 2: self-promotion

With the ability to set everything up yourself, self-promotion is a breeze. You can record your own ads and easily add them to your inventory to promote new podcasts, books, events, or anything else you dream of. And if an offer is out of date and you have a new idea, the advertising space can be dynamically replaced by the next campaign.

Bonus: Sell your excess inventory

If you are a Campaign Manager user we can also help you sell your excess inventory in ad markets around the world. Let’s say you have a 50% fill rate with 50% unsold. You leave money on the table. Let us fill the void by filling or replenishing your content with ads from our partners instead of missing out on the chance to monetize that unsold inventory.

For a quick look at how our campaign manager can help your team, check out the following:

Use Spreaker’s Campaign Manager today to simplify and maximize the ad campaigns in your inventory! As soon as you’re on ours Publisher planJust contact our team – to [email protected] – to activate the Campaign Manager function.