January 9, 2020 Blog Post Update: We are happy to announce that our statistics are now officially certified by IAB Technology Lab (IAB), which can be found here: http://j.mp/compliant-companies. Wondering what this means as a podcaster on Spreaker? Read the full details below.

We previously shared The IAB Technology Lab (IAB) – a non-profit consortium that develops standards in the world of digital media – has been released Podcast Measurement Guidelines to streamline the guidelines for providers like us and podcasters like you. To make sure our software and products match Industry guidelines, Spreaker is working to get IAB certified!

Over the past few months we have refined the program changes that will take effect in the next few days. These changes help make our statistics more thorough so that you get a more detailed analysis of your target audiences.

Why are verified readings from my audience important?

The IAB’s guidelines for the podcasting world help ensure this everyone in the industry – Podcasters, hosting platforms, sales outlets, advertising agencies and advertisers – speak “the same language” when viewing data.

Spreaker’s IAB certification means Your Podcast statistics are also certified. IAB is a trusted brand in the advertising industry. So having compliant statistics and real data on hand can lead to success Better connection with potential partners and advertisers.

What does this mean for my podcast stats?

Compliance with IAB guidelines helps us get clearer insights into the users who are listening to your podcast episodes.

The implementation of the IAB guidelines has The way our statistics system detects fakes has been improved Games and downloads from bots. This is a mandatory requirement to achieve IAB guidelines. As a result, our systems can now detect more efficiently legitimate traffic.

According to IAB guidelines, we need to focus on users who have actually consumed podcast episodes. The number you see in your stats now excludes users who Heard for less than a minute an episode. That distinction means you have one clearer view of your real audience.

Additionally ours Device statistics Now you can learn more about how a podcast was consumed. Aside from most popular devices like desktop, phone or tablet, we can show if it’s a podcast episode was heard on devices other than a TV, game console, or smartwatch. Another benefit is that our Source statistics Now show a cleaner and more organized list of applications and platforms. This means you can more easily understand where most of your listeners are from.

The result: you have a better understanding of your listeners and can promote your podcast and numbers within the industry with complete transparency.

About the IAB Technology Lab

The IAB Technology Lab is a non-profit consortium that develops fundamental technologies and standards that enable growth and trust in the digital media ecosystem. Read the complete podcasting guidelines for Tech Lab Here.

If you have any questions about these updates, please contact [email protected].