Square Enix is ​​reportedly working on one right now Guardian of the Galaxy Spiel, according to industry insider and VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb.

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During a stream on his Twitch channel, Grubb mentioned that he had heard that the company was working on the title but was now ready to confirm that the game is real and made by Square Enix. No further information was mentioned during the stream, but it wasn’t the first time Square Enix had worked on a Marvel game as the company was behind the recently released one too Marvel’s Avenger Game.

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With E3 2021 just around the corner, it wouldn’t be shocking to get more information about a potential either Guardian of the Galaxy Game too. Square Enix is ​​expected to showcase some of its upcoming games at the digital conference. Many fans are excited about the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 under other titles.

While Marvel’s Avenger did not get the praise many thought a Guardian of the Galaxy The game could work depending on the type of tone and genre Square Enix chooses. Regardless of whether a game is being shown or not, we will likely know more in the coming weeks, especially as more and more game conferences are happening.