Even more Starfield News is coming out as the highly anticipated Bethesda title is set to be Xbox and PC exclusive.

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“Starfield is exclusive to Xbox and PC,” said Jeff Grubb, Venture Beat reporter. “Period. I confirm that.” No consoles were announced beforehand, although some fans still had hopes that PlayStation consoles would come.

This isn’t shocking news as Microsoft bought Bethesda, but it’s an important statement. Fail and The Elder Scrolls were very popular on PlayStation consoles, which means Microsoft has a potential system vendor in Starfield. Microsoft has not yet released any exclusive next-generation products. So expect the game to follow suit and work on a wide variety of Xbox systems, from the Xbox One on the bottom to the Xbox Series X on the top.

Images of a 2018 build leaked from the game earlier this morning. Obviously, a lot of improvements have been made since then and we’ll see them soon. The game was hinted at by Bethesda for years and is supposed to be the sci-fi equivalent Skyrim. It was officially revealed back in 2018, but hasn’t seen much since then.

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Current rumors suggest that Bethesda will reveal the game at E3 2021. There’s even news that it could be released this fall, although that was discussed between reports. In both cases, Microsoft is making great strides Starfield and will use it as a marquee Xbox title in the future. Expect to hear more soon, and probably more, at Micorosft’s June press conference.