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Mark Wahlberg has said he plans to gain 30 pounds in 6 weeks for his role in the upcoming faith-based drama Stuand in a number of recent set photos, Wahlberg seems pretty close, as he’s incredibly transformed for the role.

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Spotted on the set for the upcoming film, Wahlberg looked like a completely different person who had a much larger frame and generally looked more out of shape to the actor than usual. In recent posts on Instagram, Wahlberg has shown that he has already gained 20 pounds in just two weeks, so he is already pretty close to his goal.


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Ok, the first look at Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming “Stu” is * actually * worthy of the “x is unrecognizable * headlines. Damn it. Pic.twitter.com/Hsdg1y8kO2

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Stu is loosely based on the real boxer priest Father Stuart Long, who turned to boxing as a redemption after childhood as an angry young man. After his career failed to start, Long suffered a terrible motorcycle accident and reportedly had an out-of-body experience that prompted him to rediscover his faith and enroll at Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon.

The story is very important to Wahlberg and he has been developing the project for years. The film will be directed and written by Rosalind Ross with Wahlberg and his manager Stephen Levinson, while Mel Gibson will also star. It is produced by Miky Lee and Colleen Camp.

Wahlberg is best known for his critically acclaimed roles in such films as Boogie Nights, The Departed, and The Fighter. He also became known for starring in a number of action blockbusters including The Italian Job, Planet of the Apes, and the Transformers films, as well as comedies like The Others Guys, Ted, and Daddy’s Home.

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Wahlberg recently completed filming on Sony’s long-running live-action film adaptation of Uncharted and Lionsgate’s canine adventure film Arthur the King. He will next star in the biopic drama Joe Bell and the science fiction action thriller Infinite, the former of which is currently awaiting a new release date after being removed from the calendar, while the second is for Paramount’s release Pictures is scheduled for September 24th.