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If you are unfamiliar with a fairy tale garden, they are exactly what they sound like. They are gardens decorated as if they were inhabited by fairies and they can be absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend falling into a Pinterest rabbit hole to see people’s intricate creations. These can be done easily, made as a project for children, or they can become a hobby in itself.

Everything is in miniature and there is no limit to the amount of tiny accessories you can buy or make for a fairy tale garden. (Think dollhouses, but with a fantasy flair.) Since it takes up very little space, it doesn’t even require you to have a back yard to do so. Many fairy tale gardens are contained in a single pot, and they are also laid out in terrariums. When you start collecting all of these custom accessories, you will likely want to be able to keep an eye on them inside instead of having a bird take off with your elaborately moss-covered fairy ladder.

Whether you’re creating a fairy tale garden or just want to add a book element to an existing one, these reading animal figures are a perfect touch. Just a peek under a houseplant would be delightful, or you can put together an entire fairy garden book club.

Read dragon figure

Lean into the fantasy theme of your fairytale garden with this reading dragon figure. (There is one more reading dragon figurine in our book kite merchandise that is worth yelling over the post!) $ 13

Sleeping cat figure resting chin on a pile of books

This sleeping cat figure will look adorable nestled in the corner of a terrarium. $ 9

Rabbit reading book figure

A rabbit figure projecting bliss while reading – accompanied by a tiny bird! $ 9

Reading rabbits on a rocking figure

I’ve never seen characters in a hammock before and I can’t believe how cute they look. This little reading rabbit family is suspended from a tiny rope! $ 33

Two squirrel characters with books

Both reading squirrels can be bought individually, but the set makes it look like they’re studying in a tiny fairy academy. $ 14 for the set

Reading hamster and guitar characters

It takes all of my self-control not to “look at how cute these are!” However, those tiny hamsters reading and playing guitar broke my resolve. Check out how cute they are! $ 10

This is too much. I just hope that you too have a hollow tree trunk in which to put this owl figure with a book on its head. $ 9

Reading frog figures for your fairy tale garden

Miniature frog figurine sitting on top of a pile of resin books

Frogs appear to the animal fairy garden resident, so they’ve earned their own sub-category! This miniature frog figurine is sitting on a pile of books. $ 9

Frog figure reading in a swing

Another figure in a swing! This reading frog’s swing consists of a single sheet of paper and appears to be reading an autobiography. $ 17

A figurine of a reading frog riding a small turtle

Fairy garden frogs, however, are usually not alone. This reading frog is riding a pleasant turtle. $ 9

Read frog and mouse figures

Set up a fairy garden book club with these reading frog and mouse characters! Alternatively, you can get a frog and bird reading set. $ 8 each or $ 14 for both

What does your book fairy tale garden look like? We’d love to see it!