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Sherry Thomas is an American writer of Chinese origin. At the age of 13 she emigrated to the USA and learned English with the help of romance novels. She has set out to write a book in every genre she is interested in, which strikes me as a great way to write.

I recently learned of Thomas’s Lady Sherlock series and devoured it with swift devotion. While all of her books so far have had a strong romantic element, Thomas writes largely within the genre. So far, I’ve met heroines who are neurodivergent, magical, extraterrestrial, and historical. I once had an art teacher who gave us very specific instructions for our work – exactly 1 inch margin with a break, only four colors, etc. for each project. However, within those limits, we were encouraged to be creative and go wild. The result was that the guidelines increased our creativity. I don’t know if Thomas set a hard line for herself to stay in the genre of romance, but I am consistently impressed with her ability to find new ways to tell the story of love. And so it is with great anticipation, dear reader, that I present you this reading path for Thomas’ work.

The Happiest Lady in London: The London Trilogy, Book 1

The London Trilogy is the recommended starting point for romance fans looking to immerse themselves in Thomas’ historical romance work. Thomas’ website describes The Luckiest Lady in London as “[not] A sure bet … but as close as possible to one of Sherry’s romances. “A rake, a miss and a scandalous proposal start the London trilogy, which also includes Thomas’ love debut Private Arrangements.

The heart is a universe

As one of Thomas’ only stand-alone novels, this is a great place to start if you’re not ready to commit to an entire series. The heart is a universe tells the story of Vitalis: The chosen one of the planet Pax Cara, who is supposed to give up her life for her planet, as well as the chosen ones of every generation before her, in 16 standard days. But Vitalis longs for more; more life, more love, more everything. Upon arriving at an aristocratic publicity summit, she is immediately suggested by the most suitable prince there is. But why? What are his motives? And in the remaining days, should she say no to a man she has secretly loved all her life?

A Study of Scarlet Women: Lady Sherlock, Book 1

This list would not be complete without Thomas’ Lady Sherlock series, which is currently their most extensive with five works published, and getting started with their work for many readers who are not avid romance fans. Lady Sherlock is probably Thomas’ least romantically oriented work, but the elements are still there and beautifully woven into the overall stories.

Charlotte Holmes has no desire to participate in the traditional life of a Victorian woman. Instead, she uses her considerable powers of observation and impressive intelligence to find her own way in the world. Realizing that the world will not accept a detective, she takes on the role of the mysterious Sherlock Holmes and decides to solve three mysterious deaths to clear up the names of her sister and father.

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Reading Paths usually come with three suggestions, but I’ve been given special permission to add a bonus entry for you:

The Burning Sky: The Elemental Trilogy, Book 1

The Elemental Trilogy is a coming-of-age romance set in a fantasy world of magic. What is there not to love? A good starting point for readers who aren’t ready for adult romance content, as well as fantasy fans.

An elementalist was prophesied to strike the curse and destroy it, thereby saving the empire. As it turns out, this magician is Iolanthe Seabourne, and not only is she untrained, but only 16 years old.

Prince Titus has vowed to protect Iolanthe, but he has also vowed to destroy at all costs The Bane who killed his family – including his own life and that of everyone else who stood in his way. He must now choose between his mission and her life.

And there you have it, fellow readers! Four different ways to read Sherry Thomas’ work. Go ahead and enjoy some “finely crafted stories with an edge”.