Hulu has shared the first trailer for season 2 of Wu-Tang: An American Saga, his biographical series about the Wu-Tang clan. The season starts on September 8th. Check out the trailer below.

In the series’ first season rappers Joey Bada $$ starred as Inspectah Deck and Dave East as Method Man. Dave East will repeat his role, but Joey Bada $$ has been replaced by This Is Us and Watchmen actor Uyoata Udi. The first season focused on the history of the crew prior to the formation of the group; Season 2 focuses on the making of their debut LP Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

Last month, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the eastern borough of New York announced that it had sold the only copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin to an undisclosed buyer for an undisclosed amount after it was sent to Martin Shkreli Satisfaction seized a pending judgment of $ 7.36 million against the disgraced pharmaceutical manager. Last spring, the clan released both a lullaby album and a herbal, vegan hand sanitizer called “Protect Ya Hands”.

Read Wu Tang Clan’s CREAM on the pitch is not the capitalist anthem you think it is.