bbymutha shared her latest project, a seven-track EP called Muthaleficent 2, supposedly the 2020 sequel to Muthaleficent. In an Instagram post, bbymutha said, “I hope you all enjoy muthaleficent 2 for what it is. she is not muthaleficent 1, she is not muthaland, she is me who drags me out of bed on days when I wanted to die. She’s just me and keeps trying to find out who I am at 31. 🤮. Check out the full statement and Muthaleficent 2 below.

bbymutha released the two-part LP Muthaland in August – their first official studio album. In February 2020, she founded the Mutha Magick pharmacy, selling oils, crystals, jewelry and other items from home.

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