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Social media and books don’t usually go well together. Sometimes we fall into the rabbit hole of social media instead of doing what we love more, which is reading books. But what if it proves difficult to take your time on social media, especially the irresistible lure of Bookstagram? After all, it has become part of our daily life and for some people it has become part of everyday work.

We can reduce digital noise by filling our feeds with fantastic book content. Below are the best book accounts on Instagram to follow for feed curation, self-care, inspiration, ideas, recommendations, and more! The list consists of the best bookstagrammers, writers, literary agencies, cover designers, poets, websites, book clubs, organizations, and the like.

James trevino (@james_trevino)

Trevino is a bookstagrammer from Romania and has one of the best bookstagram accounts on the platform. He posts elaborate arrangements of books, the subjects of which are sometimes based on books themselves. Usually they are exquisitely laid out on the floor.

Trevino has caught the attention of media outlets like Business Insider, Bored Panda and the blog of the gay social network Hornet.

Elizabeth sagan (@elizabeth_sagan)

If you’re looking for a female counterpart to Trevino, there’s his girlfriend, Elizabeth Sagan. Sagan also posts curated book exhibitions, and their feed is very similar to Trevino’s in terms of aesthetics. Most of her photos have fantasy themes.

Sagan and Trevino’s massive following has spearheaded the development of the @mybookfeatures Handle, which features literal content from various bookworms.

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Jacquelin Firkins (@jfkillsdarlings)

Firkins is a young adult writer (How Not to Fall in Love) and a costume designer. However, she’s not just another designer as she creates dresses based on book covers. In fact, she got this gorgeous dress inspired by the cover of Pride and Premeditation by YA writer and Book Riot editor Tirzah Price.

The last bookstore (@lastbooktorela)

The Last Bookstore is an independent bookstore in downtown Los Angeles. According to Timeout, it is “the world’s most instagrammed bookstore”. When I look at her Instagram account, I conclude that the report was not wrong. Her feed includes her beautiful, Instagram-worthy bookshelves. It must be nice to work there every day …

Rupi kaur (@rupikaur_)

Kaur is a bestselling poet thriving on Instagram, and her poetry collections Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers are constant bestsellers. Kaur’s Instagram feed mostly features her poems, which are accompanied by illustrations, and other posts about her personal life.

Kimberly Glyder (@kglyder)

Looking for design inspiration? Glyder is a designer and illustrator, and her Instagram feed is full of gorgeous book covers like this one:

Joan wong (@jningwong)

Wong is a visual designer for books. Her Instagram feed features stunning book covers and artwork for literary magazines. She is the cover designer for Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians.

Reeses Book Club (@reesesbookclub)

Are you looking for Instagram book clubs to follow? Reese’s book club is also on the platform. Your feed is full of books like freebies, interviews, book-inspired playlists, etc. If you are a member of this book club, you should definitely follow them.

Book of the month (@bookofthemonth)

Book of the Month is a book subscription site. On their Instagram profile, they say that “you will discover the best new books every month”. Your feed doesn’t disappoint – it has recommendations, book memes, and more.

Goodreads (@goodreads)

I usually stay away from the Goodreads website because, um, you know … but for some reason I love their Instagram feed. It’s so vibrant and colorful. If you’re a bookstagrammer, post with the hashtag #GoodreadsSpotlight and #GoodreadsWithAView for books and landmarks.

Pretty Book Places (@prettybookplaces)

Speaking of picturesque places: This Instagram account offers an “aesthetic collection of #PrettyBookPlaces”. They usually post photos of bookshelves and bookstores from various locations around the world. If you love books and travel, follow them for this type of content.

Kirkus reviews (@kirkus_reviews)

This book review site is killing it on Instagram too. Kirkus Reviews posts usually include an excerpt from a book review, which is also posted on their website, and an Instagram-worthy shot. Excellent writing and aesthetically pleasing photos are a good combination indeed.

American Booksellers Association (@americanbooksellers)

This nonprofit trade organization’s Instagram feed highlights beautiful bookcases from independent bookstores in the United States. Each photo also contains a little history of these bookstores. It’s one of the best book accounts on Instagram – a great resource for discovering your next bookstore.

Library journal (@library_journal)

Library Journal is a book page for librarians. Your Instagram profile is alive. They occasionally post book news and updates relevant to librarians. If you’re looking for more book accounts tailored for you on Instagram, here are a few.

If you are not a librarian yourself, you can still follow them at their authoring events.

Liz Alva (@campfire stories)

Bookstagram is considered art on the platform, but this independent creator is taking a different approach with Audiobookstagram. Alva’s Instagram feed features dramatic photos from smartphones playing audiobooks. In addition, she accompanies them with short audio book reviews.

Jenny Han

YA writer Han is best known for the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy, which has been turned into films. If you’re a fan of the series, follow Han’s Instagram account for behind-the-scenes photos of the series and updates from the author’s life.

Epic Reads (@epicreads)

Epic Reads is a book page dedicated to promoting YA books. Owned by HarperCollins, they are one of the best YA-focused book accounts on Instagram. Follow them for updates on new YA versions, recommendations, memes, and more.

Ice Cream Books (@ice_cream_books)

This Instagram account takes book pairings to another level by putting books and ice cream together! Her Instagram feed shows different types of ice cream on or next to books, with some ice creams even dripping on the book cover. However, if you’re not a fan of “ruining” books in this way, please skip to the next one on this list.

The good literature agency (@thegoodagencyuk)

If you’re a bookworm and aspiring novelist, this UK literary agency regularly posts writing and pitching tips from their agents on Instagram. Her series “Lessons I’ve Learned While Writing”, in which her authors share their writing experiences, is also helpful.

Book Riot (@bookriot)

And let’s not forget Book Riot, one of the most diverse and comprehensive book sites on the internet. Book Riot on Instagram posts community posts, freebies, memes, quotes, and more.

It’s simply one of the best Instagram accounts for readers.

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