The 9 most memorable U.S. marshals in television and film history is on the run and envisions being hunted down by some of the best federal marshals in the business. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

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There is no doubt something cinematic about a US Marshal. The Marshals Service is the primary agency for dealing with the most romantic criminals: the refugee. This is not to say that a refugee is always an admirable character at the movies or on television, and neither are the marshals; Whether you have a questionable moral compass or are a chain smoker, they are still fun to see.

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The one aspect of the stereotypical US marshal that seems to permeate this medium revolves around a kind of “southern charm”. They are all cowboys. In honor of any successful manhunt, there are a few U.S. marshals here that we will never forget.

Matt Dillon, Gunsmoke (TV series 1955–1975)