The Armed have released the music video for a new song called “AN ITERATION”. It features voice-over and a cameo from David Hayter, the voice actor and screenwriter best known for his role as Solid Snake in Hideo Kojima’s popular Metal Gear Solid video game series. The video contains allusions to the franchise as well as the band’s previous music videos for other ULTRAPOP singles such as “AVERAGE DEATH”. Check it out below.

“The story of Metal Gear Solid 2 – which seemed like kinky, impenetrable nonsense as children – has proven to be disturbingly socially cautious in 2021,” said Dan Greene of the gunmen in a press release. “I would argue that this video game raises more interesting artistic and philosophical questions than many ‘higher art’ and much earlier too. We are honored that David Hayter will play the role of Dan Greene in The Armed Cinematic Universe. “