The Boys Season 3 adds Katia Winter as Little Nina

Between The Seven, their corporate overlords at Vought, and a few new Supes making their series debut, Billy Butcher and his team seem already busy by the time The Boys return to Amazon Prime for the third time. Regardless, the producers add another threat to the mix that fans of the comic should recognize. According to the Deadline, Katia Winter has joined the cast of the show as Little Nina.

Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson introduced Little Nina early on in their original series. Named for her short stature, Nina was a Russian mob leader who struck a business deal with Vought to take over her land. But without her knowledge, Vought had other plans. Nina was known to have an affinity for sex toys and rarely went anywhere without her favorite vibrator (see above). It’s also worth noting that she (* spoiler alert *) had one of the most gruesome deaths in the entire 72-issue series of The Boys. However, given the tendency of the TV show to deviate from the source material, it is not clear if we can see this piece on screen.

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Winter is currently featured on Blood & Treasure, which premiered on CBS in 2019. She previously appeared on Sleepy Hollow and also had recurring roles on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow and Showtime’s Dexter. Winter’s films include The Catch, Knight of Cups, and Negative.

Amazon has not announced a broadcast date for the 3rd season of The Boys. However, the new episodes are expected to premiere later this year or early next year.

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