The Chills have announced their next album. It’s called Scatterbrain and it’s available on May 14th via Fire. Below you can find the first single “Monolith” together with a visualizer by Jonny Sanders.

Scatterbrain follows Martin Phillipp’s latest chills album Snow Bound, released in 2018. Before that, 2015 saw Silver Bullets, the band’s first new album in 19 years. Last year they reissued their albums Soft Bomb and Submarine Bells on vinyl.

“There are hard but important truths in our history,” said Phillipps in a press release on Monolith. “I know that it is often said that you learn from these lessons or repeat the mistakes. So one should respect and consider the old ways. You make them smaller at your own risk. “

Sanders added, “While browsing for Monolith pictures, I came across old UFO magazines from the 1970s. That was a huge buzz back then and I immediately thought it had great aesthetics and added a humorous element to a fairly literal song about old stones. The last video has a mix of real articles and articles I made up! “


01 monolith
02 hourglass
03 destiny
04 Caught in my eye
05 You are immortal
06 Little alien
07 Safe and healthy
08 worlds in worlds
09 Scatterbrain
10 The walls beyond abandonment