During the Gamescom Opening Night Live on Wednesday, a new Jumanji Video game was announced called Jumanji: The curse is returning.

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The upcoming game aims to faithfully recreate the gaming experience of the legendary board game from the 1995 film. In the short teaser trailer, players can compete against alligators, giant mosquitoes and much more.

You can watch the debut trailer Jumanji: The curse is returning under:

Jumanji: The curse is returning brings up to 4 players together to face the game and to face the creatures and plants that it sends into our world, ”says a summary of the game. “They will work together as a team to reach the middle of the board to save the town of Brantford from invasive jungle animals.”

According to the developers at Marmalade Games Studio, players will also be able to hit various iconic locations from the original film and try to save them, including Alan’s father’s shoe factory, Sir Sav-A-Lot supermarket, and more.

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Jumanji: The curse is returning will be released soon for Nintendo Switch and PC.