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Whether in sea or on land, the Trident Of Atlan helps Aquaman fight for justice.https://t.co/ixE4xpcNv9#SideshowCollectibles #Aquaman #DCComics pic.twitter.com/B7vO6mk8z4

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The Ideon is an ancient relic of the mysterious 6th Civilization.https://t.co/gU5QRSfgk9@threezeroHK #SideshowCollectibles #SpaceRunawayIdeon #TakayukiTakeya pic.twitter.com/krnSqhj4QC

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Laugh in the gruesome face of madness with The Batman Who Laughs Premium Format™ Figure.https://t.co/loFsqWHkBY#SideshowCollectibles #DCComics #TheBatmanWhoLaughs pic.twitter.com/YUvrl20Dl5

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#HotToys 1/6th scale #WinterSoldier collectible figure from #MarvelStudios #TheFalconAndTheWinterSoldier
is available for pre-order now! https://t.co/aSBw93vRpv pic.twitter.com/WfqZXawnmu

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#HotToys 1/6th scale #KnightmareBatman & #Superman collectible set from #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague is available for pre-order now! https://t.co/Qc2RtvtyDF pic.twitter.com/GMG9TbQ07i

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“I have to remember why I fight. Because if I lose sight of that… what’s it all been for?”

Sideshow presents the Cyclops (Astonishing Version) Sixth Scale Figure, a new Marvel collectible ready to lead your X-Men lineup.

Inspired by his iconic appearance in the Astonishing X-Men series, the Cyclops (Astonishing Version) Sixth Scale Figure features a detailed head sculpt of Scott Summers wearing a dark blue cowl and his signature red and yellow visor. His costume includes a dark blue fabric bodysuit with gold accents including a fabric belt and a red ‘X’ buckle. Sculpted blue gloves and boots with matching gold stripes complete his more modern look.

The Cyclops (Astonishing Version) Sixth Scale Figure features a number of swap-out elements that allow you to create an action-packed pose for this articulated Marvel figure. Scott Summers comes with seven different gloved hands, including one pair of fists, one pair of open hands, one pair of pointing hands, and one left thumbs-up gesture hand. Create an even more dynamic display with the included swap-out visor with an optic blast effect, which adds some series concussive force to any pose configuration.

Pair Cyclops with the Wolverine (Astonishing Version) Sixth Scale Figure or any of the other characters featured in the X-Men Collection from Sideshow for a mutant Marvel display of epic proportions.

Take the lead and bring home the Cyclops (Astonishing Version) Sixth Scale Figure to your team of X-Men collectibles today!

Cyclops (Astonishing Version) Marvel Sixth Scale Figure – $250.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

UberKranky is 15” of street art just begging to be unleashed on your neighborhood. The second-ever of his kind makes him an endangered species in the superplastic fam, but trust, the only people “in danger” are the ones bold enough to buy him. WARNING: DO NOT SHAKE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Cuz once this big guy rattles…it’s game over.

Only 666 made (cuz we wanted him to feel at home).

Yellow UberKranky Superplastic Designer Collectible Toy – $175.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

Diamond Select

A Diamond Select Toys release! Hello, nurse! on the TV classic Batman: the animated series, Harley Quinn played dress-up almost as often as she wore her now-iconic jumpsuit. And this all-new 12-inch resin statue depicts one of her most memorable clothing swaps – a nurse’s Disguise! nurse Harley blows a kiss to her next patient while wearing a short, white mini-dress and standing on a logo disk base. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, this statue comes packaged with a Certificate of authenticity in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Clay burn Moore!.

Diamond Select Toys Batman The Animated Series: Premier Collection Nurse Harley Quinn 12″ Resin Statue

A Diamond Select Toys release! Batman beware, Deathstroke is the newest installment in DST’s line of animated-style busts! Based on his appearance in beware the Batman, this approximately 6-inch bust of SLADE Wilson shows him brandishing a sword and sits atop a pedestal inspire by the show’s architecture. Limited to only 3, 000 pieces and hand-numbered, it comes packaged with a numbered Certificate of authenticity in a numbered full-color box. Designed by Barry Bradfield, sculpted by Varner Studios.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS DC Animated Series: Beware The Batman Deathstroke Resin Bust


From the heights of Mt. Olympus, to the shores of Midgard, Kratos cleaves his way into sixth scale for this first time! This deluxe figure features over 25 points of articulation, real fabric belts, pants, apron, and ptergues. In addition to Mimir and the Leviathan Axe, Kratos features several weapons, such as his Blades of Chaos with chains, interchangeable heads, hands, and much more!

Kratos Deluxe God of War Sixth Scale Figure – $230.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

Gurgling up from the depths to bring you a horrifying vessel from which to gulp your sinister spirits from, it’s the official Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon Tiki Mug! This monstrous mug is designed by the deadly Doug P’Gosh, sculpted by the mischievous Matthew Black, and produced with the help of the terrifying Tiki Farm team. Creature features his horrible visage on one side, a scream scene from the film on the other, and holds 16oz of the lethal liquid of your choice! The only thing fishy about this mug would be not adding it to your collection!

The version of The Creature features a blue base glaze, with a red wiped glaze over it.

Please note: These mugs are handmade, making each one unique, so slight variations from images shown may occur.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (3D Variant) Universal Monsters Tiki Mug – $50.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

Iron Studios

Sideshow and Iron Studios are proud to announce the latest from the Legacy Replica 1:4 Scale line – Daredevil! Based on the likeness of Daredevil from the comics, this limited edition statue is made of polystone and hand-painted.

Marvel fans, don’t miss your chance to add Daredevil to your collection!

Daredevil Marvel Statue – $700.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

Sideshow and Iron Studios are proud to announce the latest from the Battle Diorama Series Art Scale 1:10 line – Lion-O & Snarf! From ThunderCats, the Lion-O & Snarf Art Scale Statue is limited edition and comes with a detailed LED light-up base.

Don’t miss your chance to add the hand-painted Lion-O & Snarf 1:10 Statue to your collection!

Lion-O & Snarf ThunderCats 1:10 Scale Statue – $250.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

Prime 1 Studios

“When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker?”

The most HUMANISTIC Joker. A perfectly new version of Joker.

Joker (2019). A film that depicts the process of Arthur Fleck, who is forced to make a smile with his fingers and endure a ridiculously painful life, falling into the depths of darkness and liberating his inner violence and madness, slowly turning himself into the “JOKER”.

To celebrates The Joker: 80 years of the Clown Prince of Crime, Blitzway and Prime 1 Studio are proud to announce the second collaboration work about the masterpiece The Joker 1:3 Scale statue based on a film that depicts the birth of Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix. While sharing the common goal of creating the best Joker of all time through this project, we were able to create the best masterpiece through close cooperation and developmental exchanges throughout the entire production process, from concept design, production, shooting, and the announcement of the project.

Starting from the very small details, we poured all of our efforts into recreating the appearance of Joker, including the vivid facial expressions, costumes that have been realistically scaled down, a diorama base that has been designed from the iconic scenes of the movie, and main props that can connect the fragments of the movie that exists in the memories of the fans.

Under the perfect direction of Blitzway and Prime 1 Studio, the skills and aesthetics of Blitzway’s world-class specialists were combined to create the ultimate, beautiful piece of art.

Now, get ready to meet the sophisticated piece of art that could be the centerpiece of your collection!

The Joker DC Comics Statue – $1,299.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

“There’s still work to do here in Arkham City.”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present the 1:5 Scale Batman Statue from Batman: Arkham City developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Games.

Batman fights alone against villains in the isolated Arkham City – a super-prison that was constructed to house all the inmates from both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Prison. Prime 1 Studio has recreated Batman’s pose and gray suit with great attention to the details. The statue measures approximately 21.5 inches tall and comes with interchangeable right hands.

This is a must-have for all Batman fans.

Batman DC Comics Statue – $449.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

PCS Collectibles

A fierce fighter and a loyal soldier, Guile will stop at nothing to take down Shadaloo, the mysterious organization responsible for the disappearance of his close friend and mentor, Charlie Nash.

Guile’s search for his friend led him to uncover more of Shadaloo’s dark dealings and introduced to him a number of unlikely allies from around the globe. He has been a mainstay in the Street Fighter series since his debut in 1991 and was an easy choice for the next piece in Pop Culture Shock’s Ultimate line of 1:4 scale Street Fighter statues.

Guile Tactical Street Fighter Statue – $599.99
from: Sideshow Inc.

“Fret not over victory nor defeat, but be as serene as still water.”

Over 25 years ago the Street Fighter roster expanded to include a whole cast of new warriors from every corner of the globe, one of the most iconic and enduring characters to be introduced was the stoic yoga warrior Dhalsim.

Dhalsim’s animated fighting style stood in stark contrast to his reserved demeanor, making him a captivating character that resonated with the player community and secured his place as a series mainstay for years to come. “Dhalsim is such a visually interesting character, so we are really excited to add him to our Ultra line of 1:4 scale statues.” says PCS Collectibles President and Creative Director Jerry Macaluso “This line is focused on high energy poses and that made Dhalsim an easy choice for the next piece. Our last Dhalsim statue had this quiet confidence to it, so we wanted our next take on the character to show off his more dangerous side…and I think we nailed it!”

PCS Collectibles is proud to announce the Dhalsim 1:4 Ultra Statue! Featuring a dynamic figure sculpted using the latest in digital technology and an intricately detailed base modeled after Dhalsim’s original stage, this piece will breathe new life into any Street Fighter fans collection!

Dhalsim Street Fighter Statue – $474.99
from: Sideshow Inc.

Hot Toys

As a member of the world’s greatest super heroes, the legendary warrior princess is an Amazonian force to be reckoned with.

Inspired by comic art from the early days, Sideshow and Hot Toys are delighted to present today the Exclusive Wonder Woman (Comic Concept Version) Sixth Scale Collectible Figure as a special release from the Justice League line-up.

Beautifully crafted based on the appearance of Wonder Woman in Justice League, the figure features a head sculpt with real fabric hair and Wonder Woman’s signature tiara in silver, an amazingly detailed red and gold costume with silver stars and a navy blue scarf. Aside from the iconic battle suit, the figure also comes with a number of weapons and accessories including an engraved sword, a shield, a pair of Wonder Woman’s signature “Bracelets of Submissions” in silver, her “Lasso of Truth”, bullet sparkling effects attachable to the bracelets, and a specially designed hexagonal figure stand.

The Exclusive Wonder Woman Collectible Figure is surely an essential addition to any DC Comics collection!

Wonder Woman Comic Concept Version DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure – $243.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

A Son of the Land and a Son of the Seas…

Arthur Curry, a half-Human and half-Atlantean, learns that he is the heir to the kingdom of Atlantis. With his superhuman strength, he must now step up to lead his people and stop an all-out war between the seas and the surface world.

Sideshow and Hot Toys are thrilled to introduce the Aquaman Sixth Scale Collectible Figure in his iconic outfit!

The movie-accurate collectible figure is meticulously crafted based on the appearance of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the movie of the same title, including a newly painted head sculpt with a detailed long hair sculpture, a specialized body portraying Aquaman’s muscular body with enhanced articulations, a classic Aquaman costume with the signature gold and green color scheme, a highly-detailed Trident, and a specially designed dynamic figure stand featuring an ocean themed diorama!

Atlantis is rising. The most recognizable hero from the underwater will become a dramatic centerpiece in your DC Comic collection!

Aquaman DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure – $243.00
from: Sideshow Inc.


Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats are loose! Feel the thunder with these variant versions of the Thundercats 3.75″ ReAction Figures from Super7! Each figure comes packaged on a blister card with classic Thundercats illustrations! Jackalman, member of the evil Mutants and leader of the Jackelmen from the planet Plun-Darr, comes with his club.

Super7 Thundercats: Jackalman (Toy Variant) Reaction Figure

Thundercats are loose! Super7 is proud to welcome ThunderCats to the 3.75″ ReAction Figures World! Slithe, the Evil Mutant Leader, comes armed his axe.

Super7 Thundercats Slithe Reaction Figure 3.75 inches

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Wizards of the Coast

Magic designers @JulesRobins and @Murk_Lurker chat about the new mechanic Ward you’ll see on cards starting with Strixhaven! Check it out if you haven’t already: https://t.co/MW6netqScO

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