Square Enix recently released a brand new trailer for the upcoming Life is Strange: True Colors that gives players a bird’s eye view of the world of Haven Springs.

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In the trailer, the character Steph Gingrich leads the players on a small tour of Haven Springs, Colorado, where the upcoming game is taking place. Throughout the trailer, we’ll be introduced to some of the characters who inhabit Haven Springs, as well as some of the local shops and hangouts we can visit when the game launches.

Check out the new Life is Strange: True Colors trailer below:

Life is Strange: True Colors is the fifth installment in the series and the third main game after Life is Strange 2. The original developers Dontnod Entertainment have turned to other work and transferred the development tasks to Deck Nine Games. This studio released Life is Strange: Before the Storm back in 2017 before they started working on this new sequel. The team is also currently working on a remastered collection of the other games in the franchise to be released alongside True Colors.

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Although the game is still formatted as a five-part adventure, True Colors will be releasing the episodic format of the previous two mainline titles from Life is Strange and will be released on September 10, 2021 as a full experience for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia.