(Updated July 2019) Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive all-in-one podcasting solution on the market CMS. It’s a professional dashboard that includes editing, feed, social media distribution, and monetization options, among other things, so you have more control over your content. Now we’ve removed one more thing from our list of features: detailed statistics about Spreaker’s CMS.

They are easily accessible and, thanks to a beautiful redesign, even easier to read. We also added a few extra extras while we were at it – you have the key to unlocking your audience in no time.

Why statistics are important

The importance of understanding your statistics cannot be emphasized enough. They provide you with a complete reading from your audience, e.g. B. who they are and where they come from. Knowing this will give you a clear idea of ​​how your podcast is progressing and how you can keep developing your content. Statistics serve as feedback and encourage you to keep doing what you are doing or to get you to experiment and improve your process.

Detailed statistics are also important data that you need to report to advertising agencies and sponsors if you wish monetize Your content (if that’s the path you’d like to take, of course – Spreaker offers a simpler, more automatic one Revenue sharing program, to). Ad providers want to be able to match products and the audiences they are being promoted to as closely as possible, and the statistics you provide should be used accordingly (for example, they want to be sure that the men’s shaving kits are them pushes are not included in the child programming). The same is true of any other type of content monetization – even bloggers have to provide their sponsors with reports on their readership. Why should you post an ad on your page that is unlikely to get read or noticed? With detailed statistics, you can show them the reach of your podcast and the who, what, where and why of your listeners all at once.

How to read the Statistics section

The statistics section of our CMS offers precise and easy-to-read diagrams at a glance. To reach them, just click on the statistics icon on the left side of the CMS dashboard. From here you can find a few different sections with different information. Here’s a closer look at what they show:

The quick overview provides a general picture of the progress of your account and its games, downloads, likes and followers.

Below is your overall stats which details the full stats of your account in more detail. You can see your games and downloads, likes, geolocation, demographics, sources, devices, followers and evolution statistics. Switch the date ranges by days, weeks, months or adjust your own dates.

Here is an overview of what each section means.

  • Games and Downloads The number of times listeners have ever played or downloaded your content. The pieces are also split between live games and on-demand games. You can change the timeframe and get dates for days, weeks and months, or set a custom timeframe.
  • Likes The number of times listeners liked your podcast.
  • Geolocation A breakdown of the top cities and countries your listeners are tuned in from. Show the percentage of listeners from any country by hovering your mouse over the map.
  • Demographics The ratio of men and women listening to your podcast and their average age.
  • swell Where exactly listeners tune in to your podcast, e.g. B. on the Spreaker website and in listening apps, embedded players on the Internet, podcatching platforms and much more.
  • equipment These new statistics show the devices listeners are hearing from – smartphones, tablets, or desktops – and their operating systems. You can get general account information for the past six months, or view the devices associated with a single podcast or episode over the last 30 days.
  • pendant Keep track of how many people are following your podcast – this is a great statistic if you want to showcase your podcast sponsors!
  • evolution Shows you exactly how your episode will behave in the first 30 days of life. If you can see what happens over time, then you can customize your publishing campaigns and make your podcast more successful.

While all podcasters can see their games and downloads, you’ll find that some stats only unlock when you upgrade to larger Pro plans. To get full access to all available statistics, you can upgrade to either the anchorman or station plan. Professional users (broadcaster and above) get another benefit: You can export data as CSV files so that you can easily share your numbers with agencies and sponsors.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a list of your podcasts, along with the general play and download numbers for each podcast. Click on a podcast to view its specific statistics in the graphs above. You will also see a full list of the episodes from that podcast – click on an episode to see its stats as well. Use the search box above for faster access to what you’re looking for.



With the new statistics area in the CMS, you always have all the figures you need at hand. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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