Downsizing on moving day. Overflowing bookshelves. Duplicate titles. There are so many reasons you might want to sell some books from your personal library. But when you have this “ready to sell” batch, where do you go? The options are endless, whether you want to take them to your favorite used book store or sell them online.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider one of the fastest, most convenient ways to get the job done: an app designed specifically for the job. No matter whether you sell quickly and easily, earn as much money as possible or have the flexibility and options to design your own shop, you will find what you are looking for with one of these five used bookstore apps.

The Best Used Book Selling Apps: For Selling Quick And Easy

Similar to taking your used books to a used book store, these apps will help you sell your books with minimal effort. Since the companies behind these apps buy direct from you, you need to be willing to accept the price on offer. The advantage, however, is that you are guaranteed quick and easy payment once the books are received.


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Everything about using Ziffit is simple. When you want to sell a book, simply scan the barcode with the app’s built-in scanner. Ziffit will immediately inform you of the purchase price and then automatically load the title into your sales car. Once you’ve chosen how you’d like to receive payment (bank transfer or PayPal), package your books, drop them off at a USPS access point or FedEx location, and get paid for at Ziffit within days of receiving your shipment.

Ziffit app screen with an orange value over three books that have been scanned for sale. Ziffit automatically adds your books to your shopping cart.

Sell ​​your book back

Similar to Ziffit, the Sell Back Your Book app requires minimal work on your part. Scan the barcode of the book, you will immediately receive an offer and let the app automatically place your books in a shopping cart. Wrap your books with the FedEx label provided, hand them in and receive funds in your PayPal account within three days of receiving the package. app screen showing a price quote for scanned books. The buyback cart


Wondering which of the previous two apps gives you the best price? This app will inform you. BookScouter is known for buying and selling textbooks, but you can use it to sell other used books as well. BookScouter doesn’t buy your book directly, it acts as a comparison tool for buyers who do. Once you scan a barcode, the app will list your options so you can sell any of your books at the best price. The BookScouter app even takes you straight to your chosen seller’s website when you’re ready to complete the transaction.

BookScouter app screen with a list of places to buy The Awkward Black Man by Walter Mosley at the best price. 
BookScouter comparison tool

Best Apps For Selling Used Books: For Flexibility And Potential

If you’d rather sell your books on your own terms, one of the following apps that serve as online marketplaces might be more suitable. Since you are selling direct to consumers, you can set your own price, advertise the offer yourself, and show the book’s value through photos and descriptions. You will also meet other buyers and sellers and – if you are interested – you can even set up and maintain your own shop or brand.

Pango books

PangoBooks calls itself “the social book marketplace” where you can buy or sell books and make like-minded friends in the process. First, set up your own account so you can find and follow interesting people, see what they’re selling, and keep interacting with them.

When you’re ready to sell, the app walks you through each step. First, take a photo of the book cover and scan the barcode:

Screenshot from the PangoBooks app of the cover of The Awkward Black Man.

You will then be asked to classify your book based on genre, format, condition, etc. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll have the opportunity to share your thoughts on the book and add some relevant hashtags – PangoBooks has some suggestions for popular ones:

Pango Books app classification screen

Next, the app recommends how to rate your book and automatically calculates your earnings after sales fees:

Pango Books pricing screen

As soon as your book is listed, you can share your offers with your friends in the app. And when your book sells, a shipping label is automatically created for you so you can drop off your packaged book at any USPS Blue Box. You will receive payment via your bank or PayPal account three days after delivery.


While not an app specifically designed for selling books, Depop – which is focused on fashion and style – is a highly rated buy / sell app that also has a wide variety of used books. Not only does it maximize your earnings if you don’t mind waiting for the right buyer, but it also provides the opportunity to snap beautiful, creative photos that will help you build your own brand and sell other things as well.

Because of the nature of the app, you will need to invest a little more time and effort in setting up your account, which will ultimately become your shop. You have the option of choosing a photo or logo and a shop description:

Screen for setting up the Depop app profile

Description screen of the Depop app shop

Once set up and ready to sell, you can take up to four photos, provide a description with hashtags, and set your price. When your book sells, you get paid before you even have to ship it – and the shipping method is entirely up to you.

Whether you use just one or a combination of these apps, your phone is all you need to give your books a new home. Have fun with the book trade!