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One of the most common requests I get for literary articles is rounding up some fun book gifts for kids. We’ve got babies covered well and we’ve got teens and adults covered. But somehow children seem to be overlooked even though some of them are the biggest (little) bookworms one can imagine.

Now is the time to highlight some great book goods for kids. There are some beloved characters and franchises represented, but for the most part, these are the types of merchandise – t-shirts, book plates, etc. – that are perfect for every young reader in your life.

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Treat the little ones to book life too.

Book gifts for children

Literary clothes for children

Small bookworm t-shirt, available in several colors. $ 25.

All the cool kids read, especially the kids themselves. $ 15.

Start the youngest readers of a young Gothic classic with these Poe leggings that show Poe’s face in the letters. $ 30.

Browse this collection of book phrases on t-shirts available in sizes to fit the whole family. I dig this simple blue t-shirt. $ 25.

A cute little unicorn shirt. $ 29.

Your stubborn headstrong favorite girl will look gorgeous in this Jane Austen shirt. $ 19.

A fun vintage style bookworm shirt for kids. $ 19.

A long sleeved shirt with a child who is reading and reminding you that they too need a rest while reading. $ 30.

This teen literal baseball hat comes in a number of color options. $ 20.

Tell me stories about tea. $ 25.

How adorable is this kids’ raglan t-shirt? $ 20.

For children who like to read and cats. $ 30.

Choose from a variety of book phrases and styles and wear a kid’s shirt. This one more chapter of tea is particularly sweet. $ 23.

Bookplates and bookmarks for children

Teddy bear book plate. $ 42 for 50.

This bookmark for children is made of maple, so it stays in one piece for a long time. $ 6.

A cute magnetic shark bookmark. $ 4.

This is an adorable set of steel animal bookmarks (obviously best for older kids!). $ 7.

Rawr! Check out this tiger bookmark. $ 3.

You can print out these adorable rabbit book plates. $ 2.

Personalize these baby giraffe book plates. $ 25 for 25.

You can personalize these raccoon book plates. $ 15 for a set of 20.

Wal, how big are these bookplates? $ 5 for 6.

Printable book plates for forest animals. $ 3.

Choose from a variety of colors and personalize this felt robot bookmark. $ 5.

A cute magnetic unicorn bookmark. $ 4.

Children love stamps, so this book plate stamp will of course appeal to a young bookworm. $ 13.

Book art for children

This print would look so cute in a small child’s bedroom or reading area. $ 18.

You can download a reading corner print and hang it up immediately. $ 6.

Pop this printable book cover for The Snowy Day over a child’s bookshelf. $ 8.

Be brave, be wise, be tricky – the perfect Coraline prints. $ 21.

An absolutely beautiful print of a girl with a book. $ 64.

Another lovely bookworm print. You can get this framed or unframed. $ 48 and above.

A couple of kids hanging out on their shelves reading. $ 63.

Book cushions for children

For young readers who love Anne of Green Gables. $ 23 and more.

A lovely pillow homage to a favorite reading about kids. $ 30 and up depending on size.

A pillow with a message. $ 30.

How cute is this personalized dinosaur book pillow? It’s perfect for storing children’s books. $ 23 and more.

This Peter Pan book pillow is fun. $ 48.

Various book gifts for children

For older kids who need a good mug this is a winner.

A paint-by-number with The Mad Hatter. $ 8.

The little prince, rendered as peg art, would make a great decoration. $ 41.

Personalize this tote bag for the young reader in your life. $ 15 and above.

Another option for personalized book bags. $ 22 and more.

The advantage of being a worm is that you have so many arms to read. See: this bookworm sticker. $ 4.

Put this little mermaid book clock on a young reader’s wall or shelf. $ 44.

The perfect sticker for the young writers out there. $ 4.

These cheerful reading pens keep young readers sharp. $ 9 for five pens.

I want this cute animal tale time sticker for me. $ 4.

Last but not least, here is an excellent booklight for those bedtime stories. $ 40.

Want more? You’re going to want to read these kids bookends and these literary gifts for babies.