When the PlayStation 5 originally launched, fans immediately noticed how big the console was. Now the PS5 Digital Edition just got a little easier.

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According to a new safety manual (as reported by PlayStation Universe) posted on PlayStation’s official website, the PS5 Digital Edition has been slimmed down, allegedly removing 10 ounces of total weight from the console. The Digital Edition now weighs 8 lbs. (3.6 kg), although the system itself will likely look the same as it did before the changes.

The safety guide also highlights a brand new screw that is included in the PS5 Digital Edition for its stand function. It’s unclear what internal parts changed to affect the weight of the console. As Sony struggled to meet demand for the console, hopefully this change can help speed up production.

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Despite struggling to meet demand, the PlayStation 5 has continued to be one of the best-selling gaming hardware since its inception. By March 2021, the system had moved nearly 8 million units, making it the best-selling console in the United States right now