Our #YEPS – your epic podcast story The campaign started with the nurse and consultant for everything cosmetic and aesthetic, Paula Young. She starts by sharing her epic podcast story with us! It’s A Young Thing shows that the more specific podcast topics are also gaining popularity with listeners, and can even recognize you in unexpected places!

How did I get the idea to start a podcast on such an interesting topic? What’s the story behind it?

My husband and I run 2 medical spas. Over the past 14 years we have found that most people share the same misunderstandings and misunderstandings about aesthetic procedures. As social media stars are more open about their procedures, interest has increased enormously. The problem is, most people are misinformed. I started my podcast to educate people about the procedures, what to look for, who is a good candidate and who is not. I have embedded these episodes on our website. Regardless of whether or not people come to us for their procedure, they can at least make a more informed decision.

You work as a Registered Nurse, Certified Laser Operator / Aesthetics in a medical spa. How has becoming a podcaster changed your job?

It changed my job quite a bit. I have now switched more to a marketing and PR role. Our podcast has become hugely popular and was recorded on Apple TV as the official podcast of The Plastic Surgery Network. It’s also available in many other audio apps. The announcement on PSN allows me to interview doctors across the country who are performing some amazing procedures, many of which are not offered in our practice. In this way, I can offer my audience an endless forum for all cosmetic and aesthetic procedures with industry experts.

When it comes to the aesthetic market, the target group is very specific. We imagine that these are adults who are over 40 years old and have an inclination towards women. Is that your real target listener? If so, how do you monetize your podcast with that audience in mind?

No not at all! My audience is of all ages. As I said before, the influence of social media has increased the number of cosmetic procedures performed. Think of someone like Kylie Jenner who advertised her lip injections. This led to a huge increase in people who wanted fuller lips. Not just women, but younger girls and men too. It is so sensitizing to the procedures we offer that people are looking for more information, like my podcast. My podcast is mostly funded by our practice, but many product and device manufacturers will be sponsoring an episode or two.

How do you prepare the next topics for your episode? How do you find inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from the trends in aesthetic medicine. Statistics are published every year showing what was hot last year and what will be hot this year. I am also fortunate to be faculty at THE Aesthetic Show ™ in Las Vegas which brings me together with a lot of famous doctors doing some really amazing things! I am always inspired by them. Other inspiration comes from what’s going on on social media or the news, from horror stories about wrong practices, what celebrity is doing what, it’s endless.

Pick one of your episodes: either the one you feel most personally attached to, the one that took the longest to create, or the one that has a special memory for you. And tell us why!

That is a difficult question! I would have to choose episode 16, “Tell Me About Male Aesthetics”. This was the first episode that I had a guest on, my producer Steve. When it comes to aesthetic procedures, men are “quietly” interested. What I mean is they are considering an aesthetic procedure but are not eager to plan a consultation. So if there is a way to find out more information without going to an office and viewing yourself, you’re done. My podcast really does that for them. I’ve noticed an increase in appointments after certain episodes.

Tell us one thing that you learned after starting your podcast that you wished for before you started. It could be useful advice for new would-be podcasters reading this!

When I started my podcast, I was delving into one topic, aesthetic medicine. As the episodes piled up, I realized that there is more to being the best you are than just looking good. It was also about feeling good physically, mentally, and spiritually. In episode 50, I’ve expanded my podcast to include all topics that contribute to someone being their “best self”. This opened up a whole new audience for my podcast. I think when I started I wasn’t thinking broad enough.

How did you start finding and growing an engaged audience?

By embedding my episodes on procedural pages on my company’s website and on social media. People were curious about what we were doing, especially some of the more intimate types of procedures. When I interviewed some of my guests who have a large number of social media outlets, cross-promoting the episodes on their channels helped build my audience base. Then I just started submitting my podcast to as many platforms as possible, including some videos.

What’s the most interesting feedback you’ve received from your listeners?

Last year we were at THE Aesthetic Show ™ in Las Vegas for the awards ceremony and it hadn’t started yet. And this beautiful couple came up to me and they wanted a picture with me, a dentist and his wife. I looked at my husband, then looked back and said, “You must be wrong, I’m not one of the famous.” And they replied: “No, you are a young thing! You are famous in California! Everyone is listening to you! We want a picture with you! “. I looked at my husband and said, “Wow, I actually have fans! Who would have thought? “

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