The final season of The Walking Dead begins production

Before the premiere for the extended tenth season of the Walking DeadWriter and producer Kevin Deiboldt went on Twitter to reveal that filming for the upcoming eleventh and final season of AMC’s hit post-apocalyptic horror series has finally begun. The series will conclude its eleven seasons in 2022 with a two-year broadcast consisting of 24 episodes. the Walking Dead A new spin-off series follows, revolving around Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride’s favorite characters Daryl and Carol, which is expected to air in 2023.

Kudos to our crew and cast (Asskickers, the crowd of them!) For the long-awaited start of shooting for S11. We hope it’s worth the wait, a full (full) year in the works. #TWD #TheWalkingDead

– Kevin Deiboldt (@kdeiboldt), February 8, 2021

The first day of the final season of #TWD.

– The Walking Dead on AMC (@WalkingDead_AMC) February 9, 2021

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the Walking Dead is a story that began 10 years ago with a man trying to find his family. This family grew and gradually communities took shape. They fought and survived, thrived and gave birth to a new generation. It’s a story of humanity and there are more stories to tell.

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Last on the Walking DeadWe witnessed the fall of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the end of the Whisper War. The kingdom had fallen, Hilltop was practically destroyed, and Alexandria was abandoned in preparation for the final battle. Our survivors were trapped and separated from one another. However, when they faced certain death, they gathered to fight, kill Beta (Ryan Hurst), and eliminate the Horde threat.

In these six new episodes, our survivors attempt to rise by their boot straps after the destruction left by the Whisperers. The years of struggle weigh on them as past traumas emerge, exposing their more vulnerable sides. If you question the state of humanity, the state of your collective community, and the state of your mind, will you find the inner strength to keep your life, friendships, and group intact?

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the Walking Dead The stars Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Cailey Fleming, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton, Cooper Andrews, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Avi Nash, Nadia Hilker, Lauren Ridloff, Angel Theory, Dan Fogler . Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst. Thora Birch and Kevin Carroll joined the cast for season 10.