The final equation by Isaac Severy of Nova Jacobs

This was a unique puzzle centered on family drama. If you had told me I was being taped to a book that focuses on everything related to math, I would have laughed and laughed and laughed – but here we are. First, a note that this entire book covers basically anything that would receive a suicide warning from start to finish.

At the head of the Severy family is Isaac Severy, who died by suicide – although some believe there must be something else going on. He was a famous mathematician with children who never lived up to his brilliance and two grandchildren whom he adopted and raised: Hazel, a bookseller who messes around with life, and Greg, an LA cop. Isaac left Hazel a letter that basically puts her on the hunt for his secret work while others are already looking for what they think is his work. What neither of them know is what exactly that equation was, but they all believe that it is something great that could change the world.

Enter a secret organization very intrusive to find out the information, a long-lost cousin and family full of drama and mystery. While Hazel grieves and tries to find out what is happening, her brother Greg secretly follows her father, who has just been released from prison, and Isaac’s son is in a mid-life crisis and is being pursued by the secret organization for information he can can give them from his father. Family secrets are revealed, there are affairs, murder, and (what was most shocking to me) interesting math explained in layman’s terms. If family drama is your catnip and you want one with a secret for a unique read, this is your book. (TW suicide during / grandparents with dementia / previous child abuse reported, mostly emotional and neglected)