Ti West’s ensemble horror pic X adds Brittany Snow to the roster

Just a few months after the initial announcement that the project would be developed at indie powerhouse studio A24, Ti West’s horror picture X. has added Brittany Snow to its ensemble list (Would you rather), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The details of the plot are currently unknown, but the film is said to be similar in tone and story to West’s earlier horror films, and the 40-year-old filmmaker will write and direct the project, which will also include Scott “Kid Cudi Mescudi (Bill & Ted face the music), Jenna Ortega (Scream 5) and Mia Goth (May Day) in its cast.

The film, currently slated for production start in early 2021, is slated to be co-produced and co-funded by A24 and BRON Studios, with A24 working with Jacob Jaffke, Kevin Turen, Sam Levinson and Ashley Levinson to produce production banners through their little lamb, while Mescudi does the Project as executive producer.

West’s last feature project was the 2016 Western image In the valley of violence with Ethan Hawke (The good lord’s bird) and John Travolta (The Hart), which received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, was a financial disappointment. His previous horror endeavors include The devil’s house, The hosts, Segments of V / H / S. and The ABC of death and The sacramentas well as episodes of MTVs Scream, Cinemax Outcasts and Fox The exorcist and Unpredictable pines.

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Ortega just filming the much anticipated Scream Revival of Radio Silence (Ready or Not), was last seen in Netflix’s horror comedy sequel The babysitter: Killer Queen, while Mescudi has decked both large and small screens with HBOs this year We are who we are and the well received Dreiquel Bill & Ted face the music. Goth has like itself in the horror genre with films A remedy for wellness, marrowbone and Suspiriaalthough romantic comedy was last seen in the period Emma.

(Photo credit: Gary Gershoff / Getty Images)