Trevor Noah develops the President’s Analyst Remake at Paramount

Emmy winner Trevor Noah already has an animated project as part of his overall business in the studio and has developed another new film at Paramount Pictures in the form of a remake of the satirical black comedy directed by James Coburn The President’s AnalystAccording to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The 1967 film, written and directed by Theodore J. Flicker (Barney Miller), centered on the White House President’s overworked and stressed shrinkage as he runs away from his job after cracking all of the job’s secrets and becoming paranoid. CEA and FBR endeavor to bring him back before he can be kidnapped by competing foreign intelligence agencies. Although the film was a commercial failure when it was released, it received very positive reviews from critics and has achieved great cult status in recent years.

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While keeping details for the new film’s plot close to the chest, sources report that it is a review of satire that was explored through the lens of the contemporary political landscape in the original. The script for the project that is being developed as a potential star vehicle for The daily show The host was Pat Cunnane, who previously served for six years as President Barack Obama’s senior writer and deputy messaging director in the White House.

After completing Obama’s tenure as president, Cunnane wrote the comedic memoir West Winging It and then moved to Los Angeles, where he could use his years at the White House to write an episode of the Kiefer Sutherland-directed drama Designated Survivor.

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Noah will co-produce the film with his partner at Day Zero Productions, Haroon Saleem, along with Norman Aladjem, Derek Van Pelt and Sanaz Yamin Mainstay Entertainment. The project is the second in Paramount’s work under its overall contract, which currently includes the recently announced untitled animated comedy based on a story idea by Noah and written by happy end Co-showrunners Jonathan Groff and Community Alum Jon Pollack.

(Image Credit: Taylor Hill / FilmMagic)