Twin Shadow has announced their next album and shared a new track on it. Twin Shadow will be out on July 9th and “Get Closer” is the latest song from the project. Listen down below.

The self-titled record is the fifth full-length from Twin Shadow after Caer from 2018. It is available through Twin Shadow’s own label Cheree Cheree. The album contains this year’s “Alemania” and “Johnny & Jonnie”. Twin Shadow recently appeared alongside Xiu Xiu on their duet album OH NO and accompanied them on “Saint Dymphna”.

Twin shadows::

01 Germany
02 sugar cane
03 Johnny & Johnnie
04 Get closer
05 is there any love?
06 Gated Windows
07 Modern person
08 Lonestar
09 brown sugar
10 I wanna be here (shotgun)