Exclusive Arlo the Alligator Boy clip from the animated Netflix musical

As the film prepares for its streaming debut on Friday, Netflix has made ComingSoon.net available an exclusive clip from the animated musical family adventure Arlo the alligator boyand sees the title-giving up-and-coming musician, who has been saved by his new human friend Bertie. The exclusive clip can be viewed in the player below!

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Directed by Ryan Crego in his feature film debut about a screenplay by himself and Clay Senechal, the film focuses on Arlo, a big-eyed boy who is half-human and half-alligator who learns he’s from New York and chooses to be sheltered life in New York leaving the swamp in search of his long-lost father. On Arlo’s journey, he meets a group of outsiders who quickly become his new family. The story finally carries over to the half-hour series I ♥ Arlo when he and his newly found crew opened a business in an abandoned coastal neighborhood and brought it back to life.

The cast for the film includes Micheal J. Woodward as Arlo and Mary Lambert as Bertie, Haley Tju (Bella and the bulldogs) as Alia Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye) as Furlecia, Brett Gelman (Without regrets) as Marcellus, Tony Hale (Harley Quinn) as Teeny Tiny Tony, Flea (Baby driver) as Ruff, Annie Potts (Young Sheldon) as Edmée, Jennifer Coolidge (2 broke girls) as Stucky and Vincent Rodriguez III (Crazy ex girlfriend) as Ansel.

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Arlo the alligator boy will hit Netflix on Friday during episode 20 I ♥ Arlo will debut sometime later this year.

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