The Vijay Iyer Trio – now with pianist Vijay Iyer, double bass player Linda May Han Oh and drummer Tyshawn Sorey – has announced a new album: Uneasy arrives on April 9th ​​via ECM. Today they shared the single “Children of Flint”. Hear it below.

Iyer, Oh and Sorey recorded the new album at Oktaven Audio Studio in Mount Vernon, New York. Iyer produced the album with Manfred Eicher. The previous Vijayer Iyer Trio album (Break Stuff 2015) included Iyer, bassist Stephan Crump and drummer Marcus Gilmore.

In a press release, Vijay Iyer said of his new song:

Due to gross negligence and systematic racism, the entire city’s drinking water supply has been poisoned with lead. Thousands of children in this city, the majority of whom are African American, have been exposed to unsafe levels of lead, causing widespread health problems, chronic illnesses and learning disabilities. This piece is dedicated to these children.

Iyer makes a donation to and asks listeners to do the same if they are able. From the album, Iyer added:

My compositions on this album span the last 20 years and the first Uneasy project was in the middle 10 years ago. It indicated something that is unstable. We already had precariousness and unrest. There was always something unsettling going on and now we see it explode before our eyes.


01 Children of Flint
02 Combat breathing
03 day and night
04 Touba
05 percussion song
06 Augury
07 configurations
08 Uncomfortable
09 Retrofitting
10 trust