From May 25, 2018 it is required so that you can review and accept our updated terms Service and Privacy Policy – a legal requirement to continue to access and use Spreaker’s products and services. For the past few months we’ve been working behind the scenes to improve Spreaker’s content management system and make it compatible with the new one GDPR Guidelines (General Data Protection Regulation).

If you are wondering what the GDPR is, don’t worry! The GDPR is a new regulation that aims to do this Protection of users’ digital data protection rights by tightening data protection laws and putting EU citizens in full control of their personal data – good news for online users everywhere. This means that all users own their online data and the controller (our) is obliged to ensure that their rights under the regulation are respected.

What does this mean to you when it comes to how Spreaker uses your data?

Well it means that we:

  • Only keep the personal data of the users if this is absolutely necessary for the access to and the use of the platform.
  • Grant permanent removal of all your personal information about Spreaker (and its partners) within 30 days – in the event of account deletion.
  • Continue our daily work to keep personal data safe and secure – with special attention to children (there will be no data collection and no platform access for anyone under the age of 16).

How we keep our commitment to transparency to the community:

  • We offer users clear terms and conditions and fair user flows, user interface and communication.
  • Pay particular attention to security and data protection and inform users immediately of any data breaches.

If you have any doubts or questions about these changes or your account, we will be happy to answer them. Just contact us.

To ensure that you can continue to use Spreaker and all of its services, Please accept the changes here. As already mentioned, all of these updates are improvements for the user and a European standard legislation.