When the coming Star Trek: Voyager Book The Delta Quadrant: From Ledosian to Number Released next month, it will bring some brand new ships to be found in the world of Star Trek.

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The Delta Quadrant: From Ledosian to Number is the sixth entry in Hero Collectors popular series of Star Trek Shipyards Books and is the second of two companion volumes featuring ships Star Trek: Voyager, following The Borg and the Delta Quadrant: Akritirian to Krenimwhich was released in May.

The upcoming volume covers the Lokirrim Warship, Species 8472 Bioship and Vidiian Warship, and many more. The book will also include some very detailed technical overviews and operational histories, with the ships even receiving illustrated CG artwork, many of which have not been seen before.

“Fans will get up close and personal with ships and learn more about these ships than they ever expected, especially those ships that years ago might have only flashed on their TV screens for a few seconds,” said Ben Robinson, general editor of Hero Collector . “Taken together, the two official volumes make up the most comprehensive depiction of Star Trek: Voyager ships ever produced.

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The Delta Quadrant: From Ledosian to Number was written by William Potter, Marcus Riley, Mark Wright, Ian Chaddock, and Alice Peebles. The book will be available from Hero Collectors on August 10, 2021.