eye wanted to do something to honor Amiri Baraka’s poem. The eye feels so inspired or among those who have heard neva about it. When the eye created the song, it came from a pace of weariness and weakness, not weak in the mind but weak with time and stress. As a black man, I have always sought to flee to the next dimension and leave the worries and evils of this world behind me. This piece was inspired by Kwama Ture on the key differences in organization and mobilization. When the eye hears Amiri Nation Tyme say, the eye organizes and mobilizes. Society’s eye-catching makes us stare at everything we hate and repeatedly prompts us to express or share how we feel after every stab and gunshot wound. We can only bleed so many times before the boxes fill up, before we explode. Eye wrote this as an expression and extension of how the eye would like to see what peace is. Peace is protection, defense, it’s angry, it’s conversation without judgment, it’s reflective, patient, and urgent. Freedom is earthly and peace and freedom is something to take in most cases because in Amerikkka we are always reminded that nothing is free, not even for the builders, all blacks, and not even the mothers of creation, the black woman. Nation Tyme is to me an appeal to my people, especially when you are tired of counting slave paper and tired of standing because how long does a man have to stand in line for freedom? How long does it take before my sisters are safe and can walk freely and peacefully and we can love infinitely? How long does it take for blackness to be appreciated for all and treated with the power of beauty and respect it possesses infinitely. We can look outside and see that it is NATION TYME. Find your peace. Protect it.