Phoebe Bridgers appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday (March 11th) to talk about her wild year before Punisher. She also brought a special guest: her pug was photographed from a recent Variety cover but didn’t suffer from such outrage on the show. Other topics include her neighbor, who plays slap bass, and her love for the late John Prine. Check it out below.

Bridgers won four trophies at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards this weekend: Best Alternative Music Album for Punisher, Best Rock Song and Performance for “Kyoto” and Best New Artist. Since the release of Punisher, she has co-edited the Copycat Killer EP and a version of “Kyoto” with Jackson Browne. She was also a guest with Lucy Dacus on Julien Baker’s “Favor” and made her Saturday Night Live debut in early February.

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