Wavves are back with the music video for a new single, “Sinking Feeling”. It’s the first new piece of music from Nathan Williams’ rock project since You’re Welcome 2017 and the first new song since his return to the Fat Possum list. (Fat Possum released Wavves’ 2009 debut album as well as the band’s breakout album King of the Beach.) The new track was produced by television on Dave Sitek on the radio. Check out the new video shot by Jesse Lirola below.

“‘Sinking Feeling’ is a song about a wave of depression that keeps coming back,” Nathan Williams said in a statement. “It’s that sinking feeling that pulls you down and no matter what you do or where you go, it follows you.”

Last year Wavves reissued King of the Beach on vinyl. Plans to tour past the 10th anniversary of the album have been abandoned due to the pandemic.