It’s a podcasting renaissance, as we already know. I will not repeat how this can be confirmed, there is already a very long literature (sources) Here, Here, and Here).

In addition to its generally increasing usage, podcasting has also landed in new content landscapes in the past two years and has become a medium that content marketers can turn to when it comes to building relationships with potential customers. Marketers and consultants – even the entire marketing sector – have started using this “new” tool as another way to keep in touch with the communities that follow them.

As part of my work at Spreaker, I explore a diverse podcasting ecosystem to find common patterns that can help me in my daily struggle to understand this rapidly growing market. One of the most interesting things that I’ve noticed over the past few months is the use of podcasting as the main platform for content marketing strategies.

There are a few reasons why you should consider creating a podcast when creating a content marketing strategy:

It’s easy to consume

Listening to podcasts is a very simple activity that you can do whether you’re sitting on a bus, running, cooking, or doing something else. You don’t have to break your flow to focus on text like you do when reading a blog post or watching a video. Audio consumption is much easier, and it is a great way for you to be heard in those moments of the day when no other competitors can get in the way.

It’s easy to produce

Podcasts are easy to produce, especially when compared to videos. No need to turn off the lights and put on your best dress. No makeup is required, and you can also record while wearing your pajamas in a messy room. Your audience won’t know or care.

Add variety to your strategy

Having a podcast on your blog adds a different twist to a mostly text-based content strategy. Add a nice one embedded player With a powerful image and a strategically placed playlist, you can enrich the message of your blog and build a closer relationship with your readers and a new audience: the listeners.

The power of your voice

Don’t underestimate the power of your voice. When you speak to your consumers, customers, or potential partners, your voice makes all the difference. You are perceived as a real person rather than voicemail or an automated menu. First impressions really count, and when creating a podcast series for your content strategy, you have more than one chance to win and convince your listeners. You may have to hit the play button on your content first, but because the audience is on demand, you reach those who really want to be reached.

Guest content, just around the corner

Content marketers know very well how difficult it is to schedule a written interview with an influencer who can share their case story and create value on the blog. Long flows of email are time consuming and frustrating, but scheduling a 15 minute call for a podcast episode solves the problem. You can book a short slot with your guest to record the call and embed a ready-to-use episode on your blog with just a few minutes of post-production.

Don’t forget to transcribe

And for those text lovers out there who think nothing is better than the written word, you can always easily transcribe your podcast content. There are enough of Services There are tools out there that will quickly manage this process and get you SEO ready.

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