As a small business, it can be impossible Find your unique voice in the market and successfully reach your audience. Consumers’ lives are saturated with advertising every day. So how can you create a brand personality and make your company heard? One answer is podcasts. Podcasts are rightly increasingly being incorporated into brands’ content marketing strategies. It’s advertising that requires minimal equipment, little money, and is a chance for businesses to develop close relationships with their customers.

If you want to further convince why podcasts are the future of B2C advertising, here are three more reasons why they might be exactly what your business needs to build brand-consumer trust:

Podcasts allow you to create a voice and personality for your brand, which in turn enables you Build a close relationship with your customer. It’s bespoke content that is thoughtful, informative and can help you stand out from the crowd. By speaking directly to your customers, you can put yourself on par with them so that consumers can feel more empathetic to your brand and see a different side of your business.

Securing an influential guest with a large or loyal following can be a great way to expand your audience. Guests who are not directly related to your topic or offer a unique point of view offer you the opportunity to attract new listeners. More importantly, having guests ready to share the content through their social media channels can give your numbers a real boost and strengthen the brand’s validity.

What makes podcasts really unique as a content medium is the fact that they don’t require undivided attention like many other media such as video. Podcasts are easily consumable content – You can talk to your audience while they go about their daily life: driving, cooking or commuting. With the development of home listening devices like the Amazon Echo, listeners can perform multiple tasks while receiving their podcast hit, and mobile devices enable listening on the go. Research shows the number of people listening to podcasts outside the home is increasing:

“While Home continues to be the most cited place for listening to podcasts, the vehicle is a strong second.” Edison Research.

Used wisely, podcasts can be a powerful tool in a small business content marketing strategy. They allow companies to speak directly to their consumers in personalized ways and are a smart way to create a trusted brand-customer relationship. More importantly, all you need is a microphone, a computer, and some recording equipment. what are you waiting for?