CS Soapbox: Why Daredevil is more exciting than Tobey in Spider-Man 3

LOTS of hype surrounds the follow-up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man far from home. However, none of these chatter is as exciting as the return of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil. The upcoming film is piggybacked on a massive cliffhanger (mid-credits) that revealed the secret identity of Spider-Man and brought back JK Simmons as the inimitable J. Jonah Jameson. The inclusion of the latter suggested the nature and implications of a multiverse. For one, Simmons character in Far away from home wasn’t the same Daily Bugle Editor from Sam Raimi’s trilogy (despite the nostalgic utterance of “threat”). Second, when a familiar face appears, others are sure to follow suit. Case and point: the confirmed / reported return of Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, Jamie Foxx’s Electro and their respective Spider-Men, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

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Why? As? Ambiguity is exciting. We don’t know what this means for the further development of the MCU, but we can assume that certain reprisals will be one and done (given contracts and careers). Experienced comic fans and moviegoers hope for a homage to the old superhero cinema – one step for phase 4, a big leap for film universes. 2012 The Avengers‘Mainstream team ups and Spider-Man 3 is set so that all previous adjustments / iterations are fair. That’s right, Warner Bros / DC’s 35mm mounts, The Lightning, and “Michael Keaton back as BatmanTwist is another desperate attempt to keep up with Marvel’s carefully planned universe. That is, according to recent reports from Cox on the set of Spider-Man 3Marvel’s Netflix TV shows – what was believed lost but not forgotten – are fair game too … and that’s more exciting than more Spider-Men.



Long before WandaVision Premiere on Disney +, the MCU’s “Street-Level Heroes” defended the small screen. Of those defenders, Daredevil was king – the Captain America-esque leader of the defenders. While Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The punisher were all well received (let’s not talk about it Iron fist), “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” was a dish that was best served super cool. With long fight scenes that enabled even the most unfortunate couch potato, Netflix’s Daredevil redeemed the critically planned outing of the superhero from 2003. All three seasons (yes, even the second) were excellent. This was in large part thanks to Cox’s dedicated and balanced portrayal of Matt Murdock / Daredevil, which was even recognized by the American Foundation for the Blind. In the years since Disney / Marvel ended their relationship with Netflix / ABC and the Defenders canceled, fans have #ReleaseTheSynderCut-vocal about the revival Daredevil.

The ongoing #SaveDaredevil campaign, calling for a fourth season, has more traction than ever and refuses to settle for a mere cameo Spider-Man 3. Kingpin actor Vincent D’onofrio even supported the cause. Netflix’s contract ended last November and Disney / Marvel is now free to use Daredevil Character. Marvel Studios has historically been determined to take advantage of every asset at their disposal and as much as possible – from Ironman and assemble The Avengers to negotiations with Sony and the introduction of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man (despite the rights to the character). There is nothing to fear when using “The Man Without Fear”.


Murdock’s return will benefit Spider-Man 3Plot. His calling, the law, can play a role in Mysterio’s design by Peter Parker of Tom Holland and help clarify his name. As a solution to a big problem, its involvement is the most organic. Independent of the multiverse, Murdock lives in New York, just like Peter and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. This approach could do wonders for Peter’s role as Avenger and Tony Stark’s public predecessor. Not to mention the fact that Murdock is an obvious mentor and friend of Peter.

In the comics, both superheroes fight against bad guys like Kingpin – which is why D’onofrio has been widely rumored Spider-Man 3. As heroes of similar neighborhoods, their partnership is a fan favorite – seen in projects like Chip Zdarsky’s current Daredevil Series. Contemporary and relevant to align with other MCU projects like Disney + Mrs. Marvel and Hawk EyeFor fans of contemporary comics, it would be a dream to see them together. If you thought about it, Cox ‘Daredevil would always appear in the MCU. Why should they go through the comprehensive character recast process when Cox is a proof of concept? You would not.

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Cox was brilliant at playing an unsuspecting blind man one minute and a gritty (and extremely skilled) rage monster the next. It’s a tightrope walk that most cast members would screw up, but Cox did it in a way that gave credibility to the idea that even the most unlikely people can beat the odds – the odds are an endless number of bikers. Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, has already spoken of the desire to make the MCU a quintessential representation and bring Cox back as his disabled hero supports that direction. If they were to cast someone else and that person did a less-than-admirable job, Marvel Studios would have failed for the first time since then Thor: The dark world. However, this is a moot point. The confirmation of Fox and Molina in Spider-Man 3 already signals the willingness to bring actors back from different excursions.

Much like Simmons’ Jameson, Daredevil likely won’t be the same guy from Netflix. Daredevil had very loose ties to the larger MCU and while it would be fun to exercise caution, Feige and society in general are not a short-sighted bunch. A gentle reboot of the character would pave the way for future shows that ignore narrative inconsistencies like Bullseye’s teasing return at the end of Daredevil ‘s third season. On a reboot, the core cast would return (some of whom need jobs) and let them play parallel universe versions of their characters. Think of Keaton’s Vulture in this Sony owned Morbius Trailer: Was that the same villain from Spider-Man: Homecoming? Or implied otherwise because he’ll never mention Stark Industries. Regardless, the mind is left without the complications of past events.

While MCU Murdock is a bit different, his return rewards a very vocal fan base Zack Synder’s Justice League. It doesn’t matter if the plot or characters are from the past, nothing is beyond the resurrection. Let Murdock interact with other MCU characters and a Daredevil The revival gives credibility to the induction of fellow defense attorneys Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher and Ironfist – the latter urgently needs to be rewritten (all the more reason to work with the idea of ​​the parallel universe thanks to the multiverse gap). The Punisher is another character with iconic connections to Spider-Man and an already established dynamic on Daredevil.

Before the headliner of his series, Jon Bernthal’s antihero was presented flawlessly Daredevil. Bernthal’s appearance in “Penny and Dime” of the second season should have earned him an Emmy nomination. Regardless of this, Bernthal spoke openly about wanting to return. Maybe he already got a call. Given the mature nature of shows like The punisher and DaredevilSeries revivals work best on Hulu – which Disney majority owned. During Disney’s recent investor meeting, it was said that Marvel’s adult content (formerly Fox Real Estate like Logan and Dead Pool) would be available to stream on Hulu / Disney + Star. The packages are bundled for a reason. The mature MCU is one thing that is expanding its dominance to multiple platforms and allowing Ryan Reynolds to be censored on Disney + and explicitly stated on Hulu / Star.

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The inclusion of Cox ‘Daredevil is more exciting than a brief Spiderverse story as it is important to the future of the industry. It’s not 2008, Marvel Studios is no longer just planning. Everything is planned in terms of fan enthusiasm, creative integrity, and profit. The more movies / shows Marvel Studios makes, the more Disney intimidates Warner Bros. and other competitors. The fact that every time Daredevil Mentioned, trends in social media speak volumes for capitalization. So of course DaredevilOnce on Netflix, there will be a comeback – a claim of dominance ten times more powerful than Peacock’s The office. The Marvel Studios mission statement is as follows: Aside from monetary purposes, it’s the right thing … good luck to everyone else.