Think about it: if you hear a good story or conversation, it will stay with you for a lot longer than a Facebook post you looked at. This is because we deal with audio in a different way than we do with written content.

As Emma Rodero, professor at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, told The Atlantic,

“Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media because you are constantly creating your own images of the story in your head and creating your own production. And of course that’s something you can never achieve with visual media. “

Audio content engages the audience in the narration; it leads them to imagine the people, places and situations to which they are listening. This can help your brand create deep and meaningful connections with prospects.

Here are five reasons why you should start a podcast for your brand:

Podcasts harness the power of audio.

“Podcasts attract the attention of their audience like hardly any other medium,” says Jessi Hempel from Wired magazine mention, that. A podcast allows you to express your brand in an audio environment that contains exciting acoustic textures. You can add music to your podcast and add ambient noise to it to set the sceneor present different voices. These techniques leave you Connect with your audience.

Audio content is the perfect solution for multitaskers.

Content that can be consumed while users are engaged in other activities is becoming increasingly valuable in a world that values ​​multitasking. Your target audience may not always have time to read a blog post or watch a video, but podcasts are great for a busy lifestyle. “Podcasts assume that you are multitasking.” says Charlotte Crowley, formerly Senior Marketing Assistant at Axonn Media. They can be consumed anytime, anywhere. “Consumers – millennials in particular – are pushing their media consumption into every available moment, be it in the gym, walking the dog, cooking or commuting,” said Mark Burgess of strategy explained. This is when you can reach them with a podcast.

A podcast is a great way to tell stories and create a narrative about your brand.

Memories are created through associations, and podcasts are a great way to channel the potential of audio narrative to create associations with your brand. Rodero points this out“Radio is the invisible medium that stimulates the listener’s imagination the most.”

A compelling podcast that highlights your brand will delight your audience opt to listen. “They are people who voluntarily choose to have a regular, ongoing experience with their brand every week or every other week.” explains Steve Pratt, Founder of Pacific Content, which creates branded podcasts. Good stories stick around and get people talking about them.

Podcasting is a great way to build a long-term relationship with your audience.

Listeners need to be repeatedly exposed to a brand before they can interact with it. “It takes 25 to 30 points of contact with a brand before a listener decides to actually engage with them,” Pratt told Adweek. Podcasting is a perfect way to create these branded touchpoints as listeners continually consume a podcast and so create a lot of contact time. When you provide engaging content, listeners will come back to learn more and build a lasting relationship with your brand.

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