Often times our users ask us to call them directly and we always reply with the same answer: we don’t offer an official support number.

Today we want to give you a thoughtful, thorough answer so you can understand the reasons why we don’t offer this extra lifeline.

Telephone support costs a lot of money and we currently only receive 1% of the inquiries that ask for it. This additional feature would ultimately mean an increase in our prices, and we don’t think it makes sense for just 1%.

At Spreaker, The best possible customer service has priorityFor this reason we decided to offer standard support via email. After all our experience, we have not yet encountered a problem that could not be solved this way.

We strongly believe that our mistakes can be measured by the support requests we receive. If a feature is confusing or doesn’t work for a customer, it is likely a user experience issue that needs to be resolved by us. Still, we prefer to invest our time to improve our productrather than spending valuable resources on phone support. It’s about choosing long-term investments over short-term solutions.

We hope that in the future we can offer our customers more channels for communication with our support team. However, we insist not to do this at the expense of our products.

So no telephone support? No panic! We’re still here to help!

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