Los Angeles-based music collective Wild Up has released studio recordings of Julius Eastman’s work Femenine. Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine will arrive via New Amsterdam on June 18, launching Wild Ups multi-volume anthology in celebration of Eastman. Today (April 7th) Wild Up published an excerpt from Femenine. Hear it below.

Eastman was an avant-garde composer who was not fully appreciated for his work until after his death in 1990. He worked and performed in the music scene of downtown New York between disco, experiment and classical. Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine marks the first time New Amsterdam has published works by a late composer.

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Julius Eastman Vol. 1: Femenine::

01 Prime
02 Unison
03 Create a new pattern
04 Hold and back
05 Everything changes
06 Increase
07 Eb
08 Be you my vision / Mao melodies
09 May melt
10 pianist will interrupt must return