A new Phish cover album called Cluster Flies will be released on April 30th via JamBase. The tribute to the band’s Farmhouse album includes covers by William Tyler, Ryley Walker, Sylvan Esso, Amy Helm, Vetiver, Chris Forsyth, Jennifer Hartswick, Tim Palmieri, and others. Below is the full track listing and cover of Club d’Elf for “Sand”. David Onigman, CEO of JamBase, described the project in a statement:

Last July when it became clear that the COVID-19 pandemic was going to have a devastating impact on the live music industry. I hired the team to come up with an idea that instead of doing live music, we could gather together and make lost revenue for JamBase. Instead of a normal fundraiser, the Cluster Flies project was conceived and we soon reached out to an incredible group of musicians who graciously took the opportunity to support JamBase. What has happened in the past nine months has exceeded even my wildest expectations. I am delighted with how the performances, artwork, packaging, mastering and podcasts that we will be releasing on a daily basis have come together. It is a collection of work that I am very proud and honored to share with the world.

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Cluster flies::

01 William Tyler: “The in-law Josie Wales”
02 Sylvan Esso: “Farmhouse”
03 Jennifer Hartswick: “Dirt”
04 Tim Palmieri: “Vulture”
05 Daniel Donato: “Back on the train”
06 Reed Mathis: “Bye Bye Foot”
07 Vetiver: “Driver”
08 James Petralli: “Gotta Jibboo”
09 Chris Forsyth: “Piper”
10 Club d’Elf: “Sand”
11 Lindsay Lou: “Mountains in the Fog”
12 Sadler Vaden: “Heavy things”
13 Amy Helm: “Sleep”
14 Neal Francis: “Dogs Stole Things”
15 Brendan Bayliss: “Twist”
16 oak strand: “bow”
17 Ryley Walker: “First Tube”