Xiu Xiu shared a cover of Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me track “A Real Indication”. The new cover celebrates the fifth anniversary of Plays the Music of Twin Peaks. Check out Xiu Xius’s new song below.

Xiu Xiu recorded “A Real Indication” during the Plays the Music of Twin Peaks sessions. The track features contributions from drummer David Kendrick and double bass player Jherek Bischoff, the original producer of Plays the Music of Twin Peaks.

“See you Angela [Seo] and I read an interview with David Lynch where he described his doubts that Angelo Badalamenti would be able to do the vocals on ‘A Real Indication’ but then he laughed with glee at what a great job he has done confused by the song, “said Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xius in a press release. He continued:

We always loved it but thought it was a song outside of the Twin Peaks universe; a song by other artists that they used on the soundtrack. When we read this interview and realized how deep it actually was in the universe AND sang Angelo Badalamenti, we regretted not including it in Plays the Music of Twin Peaks. When Polyvinyl approached us about an anniversary release, the opportunity to do it as a bonus track luckily gave us the chance to rehabilitate.

It’s funny how lucky we were back then to have released Plays the Music of Twin Peaks. The third season was announced as we were preparing in Australia for the first concert of the soundtrack we would ever play. It was right in the spirit of the times when we were working on it. The White Lodge gave us a little kiss. It was amazing to be able to inhabit this monumentally inspiring world for a few years. As crazy and devoted fans, who could have asked for more? In the meantime, we’ve watched season 3 over and over again and our love for the epic has only grown. While this is irresistible to say of the remake, we’re so excited to see it happen again.

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